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Root Cause Failure Analysis (Plant Engineering Maintenance R. Keith Mobley

Root Cause Failure Analysis (Plant Engineering Maintenance

R. Keith Mobley

Published June 16th 1999
Kindle Edition
296 pages
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 About the Book 

Root Cause Failure Analysis provides the concepts needed to effectively perform industrial troubleshooting investigations. It describes the methodology to perform Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA), one of the hottest topics currently in maintenance engineering. It also includes detailed equipment design and troubleshooting guidelines, which are needed to perform RCFA on machinery found in most production facilities.This is the latest book in a new series published by Butterworth-Heinemann in association with PLANT ENGINEERING magazine. PLANT ENGINEERING fills a unique information need for the men and women who operate and maintain industrial plants. It bridges the information gap between engineering education and practical application. As technology advances at increasingly faster rates, this information service is becoming more and more important. Since its first issue in 1947, PLANT ENGINEERING has stood as the leading problem-solving information source for Americas industrial plant engineers, and this book series will effectively contribute to that resource and reputation.Provides information essential to industrial troubleshooting investigationsDescribes the methods of root cause failure analysis, a hot topic in maintenance engineeringIncludes detailed equipment-design guidelines