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The Last Wagon Train Stephen Jennings

The Last Wagon Train

Stephen Jennings

Kindle Edition
184 pages
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 About the Book 

The story of the “Last Wagon Train” is taken from the journals of Walter Weaver. It describes an actual journey that took place in 1897, from The Indian Territory to Oregon, by way of the Oregon Trail. Walter was a member of a small group of people traveling west, in wagons, nearly thirty years after passenger rail service had been established to the west. Rail was by then the preferred, and most commonly used, means of long distance travel.Walter documented well the joy, the excitement, and the great anticipation felt by all members of the small wagon train leading up to and beginning the journey. Emotions that once the trip began soon turned to frustration, anger, boredom, and fear. His writings revealed many personal trials, tests, and hardships endured along the way, some expected but some that were unforeseen and much more severe than any of them had ever expected.Walter’s journals also chronicled the good times experienced along the way and revealed how that trip bonded this small group. Strong, lasting friendships and relationships developed during the journey, some that continued throughout their lifetimes, and some that still exist to this day.