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Knightfall Natasha Scholey


Natasha Scholey

Published October 23rd 2012
Kindle Edition
496 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When Kirsten receives a P.E. detention, it feels as though life cant get any worse. However, thats just the beginning of her troubles. From the moment she hears about the killer on the news, she becomes fixated with him. Its as though she knows him, although she cant recall from where. Clearly, he knows her too, having killed his way across half of Europe to find her.The Police thinks shes crazy- the killer thinks shes some missing princess from another world and she … well she would rather crawl in a hole and pretend that none of its happening. Unfortunately for her, thats not an option.Destined to return power to the ancient gods, she sets out on a quest to find the lost shards of the Anarkhane stone. With unlikely help from fairies, dragons, a priest and a police inspector, she seeks to fulfil her destiny, not because she really wants to, but because she has no choice. She can neither return home or exist in Maldahl, for once the Lord Katahl discovers who she is, he will do everything in his power to prevent the CODM prophecy from coming to pass, stopping at nothing to blot her out of existence.